About MalePhotographyEurope

Our Mission

Our goal is to capture the male physique at it’s best, so we travel all over the world to find men who work hard to perfect their bodies and surf the web for the most handsome faces to include in our projects.

We never settle for anything less than perfection and the results are right here for you to enjoy.

Shoot Marco

The Team

Main Team Members:
Salvador Pozo, international fashion photographer
Peter Versnel, assistant photographer and website designer

Occasional Team Members:
Ian Miller, hair, make up and grooming
Sanjay Ramcharan, hairstyling and grooming
Marc T.Russell, copywriter

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to all contributing underwear & swimwear brands, fashion stylists, make up artists, hair stylists and location providers who joined the team.

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MalePhotography S|T|O|R|E is entirely owned by Salvador Pozo for MalePhotographyEurope and build by Peter Versnel Web Design.
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Commissioned work and stock availability

We are available for commissioned work created exclusively for your product, magazine, or website, and we can assist in setting up a project for your specific needs.
Our large body of work includes non-exclusive content, which can be used to produce calendars, beauty & lifestyle articles, fitness editorials, and other materials.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Contact us to see what we can develop together.

Shoot Marco

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